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Fast, Efficient and Reliable Brick Restorations

Do you have a problem with cracked, damaged or badly deteriorated bricks that need to be removed and replaced with new units? Bricklayers Gold Coast provides quick yet thorough brick repairs that ensure your brickwork is preserved and will last you for years to come.

We fix crevice repairs and replace broken bricks that result from vehicle damage, base settling and pipes repair the damage. If the bricked pathways and patios on your property have worn out through the years, we provide brick replacements that bring new life into your property.

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Durable and Long-Lasting Brick Renovations & Repairs

It will always come in the life of a brickwork, that renovations and repairs have to be made. Either it has already served its lifespan or a terrible accident badly damaged it. Often, a repair job will tell the kind of layout and workmanship flaws employed beforehand. These mistakes may lead to shaky facades which are easily damaged or cracked. If your structure needs replacing and you do not have additional bricks, our full-time team is skilled at finding the best possible match.

Bricklayers Gold Coast takes pride in providing top-quality, durable brickwork that is made to last a long time. We employ skilled professionals trained and experienced in a wide range of brick issues that need repairing. The techniques we use include modern strengthening and restraint methodologies where it is appropriate. This includes conventional load-bearing brickwork as well as contemporary brick clad buildings.

Our Brick Repair Process

Before we start fixing the visible issues, we first assess the nature of the base materials. This helps us determine the correct repair technologies we need. The techniques we utilize ensure that loads are transferred between structural components in an accurate and appropriate manner.

Our project managers have over 10 years of experience in masonry and are knowledgeable in a wide range of materials and structures. We can determine what kind of work needs to be done based on your needs and demands. Whether you need minor repairs or major renovations, our team of skilled professionals can work on those in a fast and efficient manner.

On top of that, we offer honest and trustworthy prices that help avoid expensive rebuilding. You can trust that we offer top-quality workmanship. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, doing the job right the first time and never leaving it until it is done and you are fully satisfied.

A Complete Range of Brick Restorations Services

It may be that your brickwork only needs a few enhancements. For instance, small erosion of mortar or fine hairline fractures is small imperfections in your brickwork. Nevertheless, delaying repairs and brick enhancements may lead to further damage in the long run.

Whatever your brick issue may be, we are confident that we can find the solution that you need. Our brick repair services include lateral restraints, expansion joints, ease brick repairs, ledger supports, cavity cleaning, rebuilding and chimney repairs. If you need a repainting job done on your brickwork, Bricklayers Gold Coast can also do that for you. Don’t wait for a repair job to become a bigger problem for you.


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